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AnnounceMints: New at the U.S. Mint

  • Gold, Silver Commemorate 75 Years of the End of World War II The year 2020 marks 75 years since the end of World War II. Many countries’ mints are celebrating this occasion, and the U.S. Mint is no different. On Nov. 5 at noon EST, the Mint is set to release two coins commemorating this event: an End of World War Two 75th Anniversary American Eagle gold ...

Community Voice: e-Letters

  • eletters Nov. 10, 2020 From the Oct. 16 Numismatic News e-Newsletter Should the U.S. Mint be doing more to facilitate support of the country’s charitable organizations? Here are some answers from our e-Newsletter readers.   No. The U.S. Mint shouldn’t be in the business of marketing for or financially supporting charities. Charities should be supported by the public, not the government. Name and address ...

The Numismatic Directory

The Numismatic Directory is a comprehensive resource center for coin & paper money collectors and enthusiasts. Find valuable information about Products, Services, Dealers, Events, and Clubs. Use it to quickly find companies, organizations, events and more in your area–maps & directions too!


U.S. Type
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A free, visual guide that includes full-color images of silver, gold clad, alloy and war coinage. Learn the features of U.S. denominations, from half cents to double eagles.

American Eagles:
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A free, digital guide to today’s prime gold coin collecting opportunity. Learn why American Eagles are not just for investors and what they have to offer collectors.