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Reader's Showcase: Lowest star serial number for 1928B Silver Certificate

By Peter Huntoon

Bank Note Reporter reader Bill Russell sent a scan of his $1 Silver Certificate 1928B with serial *26879136A, which is now the lowest star serial number recorded for the 1928B series. His beautiful note is 217,807 lower than the low listed in the 10th edition of Schwartz-Lindquist.

Through serendipity, I happen to own the highest 1928B star, *37546972A, which has occupied that position in the catalog for decades, so here you have the low and high together.


Maybe you are lucky and have one from outside this newly expanded range. You’ll never know unless you look. If you do, send a scan to me at

The fact is that *37546972A also is the highest recorded star for the entire 1928 series. The last star printed in the series was *37560000A, which is only 13,028 higher.

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