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Reader's Showcase: Kinderhook-Linderpark

by Peter Huntoon


Shown is a great pair of $2 Original Series counterfeits respectively on The National Union Banks of Kinderhook, NY, and Linderpark, NY. The first is charter 929, the second a fabricated town name. Both are listed in vintage counterfeit detectors, and both are from the same plate.

When the Kinderhook version hit the counterfeit detectors, the counterfeiter simply changed the town name by altering four letters and then continued to spread his joy for as long it would work. He did a poor job altering the script location, but who would notice? Notice also that he didn’t bother to change the serial numbers, which are A445806 blue/1925.

If you enjoy numismatic irony, you will find that the Kinderhook variety is reported three times in the National Currency Foundation census where specimens are listed separately under the Treasury serial alone, once with both serials correct, and the third with a misreported bank serial of 1929, probably because that one is in terrible shape. You can bet that one or more of the reported notes is considered genuine by its eager owner! Sorry about the poor photo of the Kinderhook. I lifted it from the NCF website as the only photo available to me. The Linderpark went by on Ebay in January. Bob Hearn brought it to my attention and Joseph Boling linked it to the Kinderhook version for me.