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Proof of the Month

By Peter Huntoon


You might wonder why I am illustrating a note from a prominent bank in Eau Claire, Wis., from which plenty of notes are reported.

The charm of this proof is that it is from the 50-100 1902 Red Seal face plate made for the bank in 1906 that was used only once to print 60 sheets. All were issued.

The small printing won for the distinction of being the second smallest issue by large-size sheet combination in the state.

A 50-50-50-100 Date Back face plate was made for the bank, which was used to print 400 sheets of 1902 Date Backs. A couple of Date Back $50s are reported.

Of course the appearance of one of the Red Seal $50s or $100s would be a big event, made even better because there were only 60 of each.

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