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Royal Mint to issue platinum coins

Imperial Russia tried to circulate them during the 19th century. The Isle of Man issued them for investors for a while, then turned to commemoratives exclusively. The United States has had a similar experience. It’s now the British Royal Mint’s turn as it plans to issue bullion platinum-composition coins aimed not at collectors but at the investor market.

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The World Platinum Investment Council is partnering with the BRM as part of the WPIC’s strategic initiative to improve investor demand for platinum. The BRM is the leading export mint worldwide, making this an excellent vehicle through which the WPIC might succeed where other bullion platinum coin programs have not.

The BRM already issues bullion investor-oriented coins and ingots composed of other precious metals. The mint offers “The Vault” as an on-site storage facility through which bullion buyers can store their purchases rather than take delivery, then can resell these products without ever have needing to handle them directly. BRM bullion coins stored at The Vault can be traded on the mint’s website,


According to the site, “Royal Mint Bullion is planning to release a range of platinum investment products during 2017.”

“The introduction of platinum to our portfolio is the next logical step for The Royal Mint and increases the choice available to our customers, supporting our ambition to provide the ‘complete bullion solution,’” said Chris Howard, Royal Mint Director of Bullion. “Given the significant growth in our bullion activities in recent years, we are excited to be entering this new marketplace and look forward to working with the WPIC to expand the range of trusted Royal Mint bullion products available to investors.”

WPIC Program Manager David Crawford added, “It is the WPIC mission to increase the range of sustainable investment options available in global markets. Platinum has historically been a store of value and source of long-term appreciation. As such, this new product range from the Royal Mint is good news for retail investors.”

The United States’ Platinum American Eagle program commenced in 1997 with both bullion investment oriented and proof collector coins in four denominations. Bullion issues ended in 2008. Canada and Australia are among other countries that have issued bullion-related platinum-composition coins in recent years. Platinum continues to be used to strike commemorative coins marketed to collectors for many other countries.

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