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The new Catalog of Pre-Modern Central Asian Coins 1680-1923 by Vladimir Nastich and Wolfgang Schuster has been published by the Bremen Numismatic Society (


No comprehensive catalog or detailed study covering all Central Asian coins exists so far. Contrary to most other coin issues of the 17th and 18th centuries, the pre-modern coinage of Central Asia has been rather poorly documented, insufficiently studied and therefore remained generally disparaged by the coin collecting community outside the Soviet Union, and nowadays, Russia and CIS countries. For East Turkestan, no adequate research of minting activities in the covered period has been carried out as well.

On more than 300 pages with 820 illustrations, the new catalog embraces all coin issues of Bukhara, Tashkand, Shahrisabz, Khoqand, Khiva, Khorezm Republic between the later Janid period (since 1680 C.E.) and the establishment of Soviet power in the region (1923 C.E.). Coinage of Islamic East Turkestan is represented from the Dzungar Khanate untilthe final Qing reconquest.

More details alongside a comprehensive review and where to order the new catalog are available on three links:

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