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Plain Backs of Forest City, N.C., are true sleepers

Plain Backs

By Peter Huntoon

Series of 1902 Plain Backs from The First National Bank of Forest City, N.C., are true sleepers.

The bank was organized in 1909, and both 5-5-5-5 and 10-10-10-20 Series of 1902 face plates were made for it. The bankers consumed respectively 2,065 and 2,040 sheets each of Date Backs.

What is easily missed with a cursory look at the four-digit serial number ranges for the 1902 Plain Backs when you look at the issuance data in the catalogs is just how small they were. Only $5 Plain Back serials 2066-2085 and $10-$20 2041-2042 were issued before the bank was liquidated in 1915, when it merged with the Farmers Bank & Trust Co. of Forest City.

The 1902 Plain Back emissions amounted to only 20 sheets of $5s and two sheets of 10-10-10-20s. No notes are reported from the bank.

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