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Letters to the Editor (October 30, 2018)

Who decides how rare a new coin issue should be? The brilliant marketing bureaucrats at the U.S. Mint have now created their second rare palladium Eagle in 2018 with a 15,000 mintage limit, presumably as an early Christmas gift to … Continue reading

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Get your money ready for 2018 palladium proof

Remember the U.S. palladium bullion American Eagle coin introduced in September? You know, the one-ounce piece with a mintage of 20,000 that looks like a Mercury dime on the obverse and a Walking Liberty half on the reverse? You don’t? … Continue reading

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Buy palladium if you know what it is

Do you know what palladium is? I suppose I shouldn’t admit this, but I probably wouldn’t recognize it if you dropped some on my foot. From a coin collector’s experience, it is a fairly exotic metal. There are not many coins made of it. Continue reading

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