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Chewed out, but times do change

I was chewed out by a Numismatic News reader the other day. He was upset with an advertisement that appeared in the paper. Specifically, there was an ad that offered to sell “Make America Great” coins. The pieces in question … Continue reading

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Online coin shop reminds me of old days

I had an email notification the other day from Stack’s Bowers. The venerable auction firm has created an online store that it calls “The Coin Shop.” Naturally, I immediately followed the link to the new offering to see what might … Continue reading

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Checking his change since 1955

I received an email the other day from someone who says he has been a collector since 1955. That is a long time. I hope he has enjoyed it. The contents of the email give me the opportunity to stand … Continue reading

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Anyone buying circulated Mercs?

This week’s letter section has a submission from a reader suggesting that the 1916-D Mercury dime is an overvalued coin. I look forward to seeing how readers react to this opinion. In circulated grades, it certainly might be. When I … Continue reading

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Those ‘P’ cents now turning up

Philadelphia Mint cents with the new “P” mintmark on them are beginning to spread their wings and fly to all corners of the country. I have wondered in a prior blog how long it would take for regular collector reports … Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Snooze fest only term for this week’s sales

What do you make of a week when the most exciting sales number at the U.S. Mint is the 3,698 additional 2016 uncirculated coin sets that were sold? Dull, right? Nevertheless, there simply was not much excitement. The silver proof … Continue reading

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Time to look at a California trip

My business travel schedule has been very heavy since November. The pace will ease in the coming weeks, but that doesn’t mean I will become invisible. Right now I am working on arrangements for a trip out to California. I … Continue reading

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What’s an ounce of celebration worth?

The milestones of life are marked by every collector. Weddings, graduations, births – all deserve recognition. How about length of time someone is a collector? That is a milestone that is little recognized. Brian E. Fanton is one of the … Continue reading

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Should I feel like an April Fool?

Here’s your test. How would you answer an email that happened to come my way yesterday? Take a look at the two images. This is the text of the emailed inquiry that came with the photos: “I found this roll … Continue reading

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Putting potential buyers on the spot

“Does this dress make me look fat?” That question and ones like it are the nightmare of husbands everywhere. In numismatics, we have similar questions and answers. I had an email in my inbox this morning that I think is … Continue reading

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