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Cheaper proof set ready for release

What does it mean for collectors to have no Presidential dollars for the first time since 2006? For starters, they will get a cheaper proof set. The clad and base metal group of proof coins has dropped in price by … Continue reading

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Cents earn turn in the collector spotlight

Lincoln cents might not have much economic value anymore, but they sure do bring collectors together. Thanks to several stories published in Numismatic News since the beginning of the year, collectors are hot on the trail of 1983 copper cents. … Continue reading

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Proof silver Eagle flutters along

Core buyers of the United States Mint’s proof silver American Eagles seem to be deserting the program. This is one conclusion that can be drawn from first day sales number for the 2017 coin. Buyers took up 226,173 silver proofs in the first … Continue reading

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Nowhere else can you spend old coin

Every collector knows that age is not the determining factor when a coin’s value is being assessed. It is rarity, condition and level of demand. Age is important in identity and historical context. It also is important from a personal … Continue reading

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Silver can thread through every life

Let’s say you were the smartest silver speculator ever. You bought the precious metal when it wasn’t so precious. That was back in 2001. Lets say on Nov. 5, 2001, you bought silver for $4.08 an ounce. Can you imagine … Continue reading

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Mint Statistics: Sales numbers sometimes seem a bit odd

If you are watching 2017 America the Beautiful five-coin silver proof sets, you will notice something odd. This week’s total of 50,024 is 3,535 fewer than last week’s figure. In percentage terms, that’s quite a large adjustment. Could there have … Continue reading

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Past and present meet in Washington half

When I was a kid, I used to page through price lists and daydream about the coins I would one day buy. Sometimes I did buy something. However, most of the time, my desires for coins far exceeded my ability … Continue reading

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Cheap U.S. silver proof might be surprise

Bullion investors and collectors don’t like doing math. That’s why one-ounce bullion coins took over the market. But if they did in fact do math, they might be surprised at what they discover. I was as I did some doodling … Continue reading

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Is collecting fun or profit more important?

This morning’s email once again provides a topic for my blog. Actually, two topics are covered. The email said: “I read your ‘If Avoiding Loss is goal, choose gold.” “I guess all the rolls of America the Beautiful quarters I … Continue reading

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Old $1 notes hang around longer

I have 15 $1 Federal Reserve Notes in my wallet. I know that because I pulled them out and counted them. Perhaps it might seem like a Monday morning thing to do when not much else seems to be going … Continue reading

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