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How about $1,190 silver?

How often have you read that the paper dollar has lost over 98 percent of its value since 1913? I know I have seen it many times. Let’s look forward. 1913 is 103 years ago. Let’s go forward 108 years … Continue reading

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Gold Eagles’ October surprise

Rip-roaring gold demand made October the best sales month for one-ounce gold American Eagles since July 2015. A total of 100,500 of these investment bullion coins were sold by the United States Mint, according to its website. The running sales total … Continue reading

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Coins become the new in thing

Coin collecting as part of mass American culture is not what it used to be. My generation remembers the old “Hawaii 5-O” episode from 1973 involving a 1913 Liberty Head nickel. Coins are rarely portrayed as being that desirable. Nowadays … Continue reading

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Dateless nickels, timeless memory

Did you enjoy the Page 1 story about Buffalo nickels as much as I did? Kids, coins and Nic-A-Date went together when I was a new collector a half century ago. How well I remember. Puzzling over dateless Buffalo nickels … Continue reading

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Bargain gold a hedge or hold?

More one-ounce gold American Eagle bullion coins have been sold  by the United States  Mint in October than in any other month of 2016. And the month is not over yet. Sales of the popular investment coin might be significantly higher … Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Demand high for gold American Eagles

Demand for gold American Eagles is on fire. For the one-ounce bullion Eagle, it will take sales of just 3,500 more in the last few days of October to equal the top selling month of the year, which was April. … Continue reading

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1974-S cent in change gets my attention

I received a 1974-S cent in my change a week or so ago It impressed me. I had never gotten one in change before. The magic of the mintmark is still strong for my generation. It is that very same … Continue reading

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Mint should chase women

Coin collectors are mostly men, right? That is conventional wisdom. That is the impression one gets looking around bourse floors at coin shows. Mint information shared with participants at the Oct. 13 Numismatic Forum in Philadelphia showed there have been … Continue reading

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Too late for Reagan?

Late this afternoon we will find out how sales of the Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles set are going. After last year’s sequence of four sellouts of Coin & Chronicles sets, expectations were high. The inclusion of reverse proof Presidential … Continue reading

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Silver buyers need trucks

Coin collectors and bullion investors like to discuss the gold/silver ratio. Currently it takes approximately 71 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. The U.S. coining ratio that prevailed during most of the bimetallic years of the 19th … Continue reading

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