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Correct coin price in the eye of the beholder

Coin collectors tend to argue about prices. Our difficulty as a group is that sometimes there is an assumption that there is one correct price. Anything above it means the coin offered is being offered by a crook. Anything less … Continue reading

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We’ve lost a giant in the coin collecting field

Leon Hendrickson died Sunday. He was 90 years old. But his attitude toward coin collecting was always one of youthful enthusiasm. In life some people are positive. Others are not. Leon was positive on steroids. I guess that is what … Continue reading

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What do you think of the new set’s price?

The 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set is back on the Mint’s schedule for Aug. 1. A Mint spokesman telephoned me during my lunch hour on Friday to confirm this with me. I appreciate the call. It would seem I … Continue reading

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Canadian note gives me an idea

Canada has issued a special commemorative $10 note to celebrate its 150th anniversary. (See story here.) Its purple color is striking. It’s polymer composition is worth having a discussion about. It is only the fourth commemorative note ever issued by … Continue reading

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Where oh where did the set listing go?

Now you see it, now you don’t is a great way to describe a magic trick. But when it is used to describe what happened to a potentially popular upcoming offer from the U.S. Mint on its online product schedule, it … Continue reading

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Mint Statistics: Doldrums nothin’ – let’s go backward

If you think some numbers are going backward, you are right. They are. Various items were reduced since the last time this column was published two weeks ago. Perhaps the most interesting is the 6,739 drop in the total of … Continue reading

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Eagles gain more altitude in July

Silver American Eagle bullion coin sales are showing more signs of life in July. Weak demand has been a hallmark of 2017. July results could be construed as a turning point – but we have to wait for the follow-through … Continue reading

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A penny, no a medal, for your thoughts

Not all things related to numismatics are coins. One area that falls under the numismatic header, especially in Europe, is military award medals. There is a group that promotes the collecting of these called the Orders and Medals Society of … Continue reading

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Here’s my pitch about coin basics

Start with the basics. You can’t be the star player of the Chicago White Sox without a good grounding in baseball early in life. There are basics in coin collecting, too. One of the most important is knowing how to … Continue reading

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Time to ‘hedge(hog)’ our coin bets?

I was out early this morning. I passed a pet shop on my way to work. On the front of the building was a sign that caught my eye. It proclaimed, “Hedgehogs $199.99.” Really? Hedgehogs are pets? I didn’t know. … Continue reading

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