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Profits to buy clad respectability?

After almost 50 years, do we at last have a formula where our modern clad coins are no longer treated by collectors as the unwanted stepchildren as Cinderella was? Is the term “clad trash” being replaced by “clad cash” in … Continue reading

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Collector happy with his baseball coins

Coin collecting requires patience. However, when a coin collector is waiting for a new issue to be delivered from the U.S. Mint, sometimes that quality is sorely tested. During such times I receive many communications expressing varying degrees of dissatisfaction. … Continue reading

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Countdown to gold moment

Gold Kennedy half dollars to be offered at the American Numismatic Association convention in Rosemont, Ill., beginning Aug. 5 has certainly gotten the attention of many collectors. I had a phone call from a longtime reader in Texas who was … Continue reading

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Book still valuable tool

Remember the early days of the Internet when individuals asked questions and other individuals would refer them to the FAQ page for frequently asked questions? That response was a little like being told by your mother to do your homework … Continue reading

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Big bang in gold not likely

Yesterday gold was up $17.10 on news of a tragic event in Ukraine where an airliner was shot down by rebels. Today it is backing off $9.90, according to my morning check of the website. Trading at $1,308.30 a … Continue reading

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Roosevelt’s close call

Franklin D. Roosevelt might have beaten Herbert Hoover in a landslide in the 1932 election, but the difference between the two men’s 2014 Presidential dollar mintages is a squeaker. While Roosevelt won in 1932 with almost 45 percent more votes … Continue reading

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Gold Kennedy makes things lively

The existence of the Internet is supposed to be killing off coin shows. Certainly it has changed their nature. It is almost eerie to look into convention auction rooms and see almost nobody present as lot after lot goes to … Continue reading

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Tickets for Kennedy gold

The Mint will put only 500 of the new proof gold Kennedy half dollars on sale at 11 a.m. on the first day of the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money Aug. 5. Purchasers there will be limited to … Continue reading

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Still excited over new quarters

Collectors of America the Beautiful quarters are not as numerous as collectors of the state quarter series were 1999-2008. That is understandable as 15 years into changing reverses on the denomination five times a year, the novelty has gone. However, … Continue reading

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Seen an altered coin lately?

What happens to coins that are altered outside of the Mint in order to make souvenirs out of them that can be marketed to the public? I don’t have the answer for everything, but I have one reader who regularly … Continue reading

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