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World Coin News on the Download

Want Electronic World Coin News Delivery? Let Us Know!


I read, with great interest, in George Cuhaj's blogCurrent Currency yesterday about the American Numismatic Associations offer of a Green Numismatist. George said he was offered an option from the ANA to get his mo nthly Numismatist journal delivered by electronic means trather that getting a paper product delivered by USPS mail. George happily took this option and is looking forward to a little less clutter, with just as much coin information.

That's great news for George and others like him who want to cut down on the paper clutter in their lives. Many of us have moved over to reading our daily news not in a paper, but online. It's quicker and easier for me, plus I can cover so much more news and so many more opinions in so much less time!

So this posting by George go me to thinking. How many of our World Coin Newsreadership might like to have the same option presented to them? If I were in Thailand, I certainly would rather have an electronic WCN on my laptop, rather that waiting for a paper one to arrive by mail.

So, loyal readership, what say you? Would any of you like to see World Coin Newsor any of the other Krause Publications productsavailable as downloads, RSS feeds, or other types of electronic media? If so, here's you chance to voice an opinion. Just post a comment on this blog posting and I'll read and relay all thoughts to our publisher, Scott Tappa.

Scott and I, along with Lisa Bellavin and Dave Harper will all be traveling to Berlin for the World Money Fairthe first week in February, providing ample opportuntiy for discussion on this topic.