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Unusual World Coins 5th Edition Now Available

Unusual World Coins Goes into a 5th Edition

Seems the odd stuff of numismatics has a permanent home once again, as Unusual World Coins advances into it's 5th edition. Once upon a time I thought we might never see a new edition of UWC, but never-say-never, as annual campaigning and encouragement from friend and fellow blogger George Cuahj and myself finally got this classic essential numismatic guide back onto the KP schedules for a rebirth in 2005 after a long and lamentable absense since 1992.

The new edition houses a vast array of new fantasy issues, Euro hopefuls, parody coinage and micro-nations. Court Jester blogger Colin Bruce II updated the issues of Bernard von Nothaus and the Liberty Mint, the Lasqueti Island coins, many chinese fantasy issues, Japanese Amulets, Gabriola Island coins, Duchy of Avram issues, new guitar and motorcycle coins from Somalia, much retro coinage, new Euro fantasies, and much more. George Cuhaj listed the David Carr parody and prototype quarters and dollars as well as other David Carr coins for Union of North America and the Trade dollar, in addition to entering large amounts of material from prominent contributor and UWC legend, Serge Huard. I tried to do my part by getting all our contributor pricing updates entered, as well as making a few price changes of my own to some older areas like New Caledonia and Papal States and some more modern places like Nord and Dominion of Canada, plus supplying values for some new issues for places like Easter Island, Kurdistan and Cabinda.

The 5th edition of Unusual World Coins won't be perfect, as it serves a continually evolving field of numismatics, but we are sure it will offer new insights into what is out there for you to collect. Pick up a copy from our KP Bookstore or one of the Unrecognized States Numismatic Societysellers on ebay and bring some joy back into your collecting.