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‘Trump Dollar’ goes on the market

Trump Coin 1 Vert

The latest Trump medal from Bernard von Nothaus come in both gold (shown above) and silver (shown below).

Trump Dollars are being sold by Bernard von Nothaus in gold and silver.

The first 25 one-ounce gold pieces that he called trial strikes were offered to buyers in an online auction that closed April 10.

Proof-like and proof gold pieces were struck as well.

Von Nothaus is offering one-ounce silver versions and special proof collector versions.

The pieces are struck by Bill LaMere at the North American Mint, Von Nothaus said.

The design is very similar to last year’s Trump campaign medals created by Von Nothaus called “Vote Trump Dollars,” which were issued during the presidential election campaign. A second version was created for the inauguration.

This third version has on the obverse a portrait of President Donald Trump and his personal mission statement to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

The reverse features a torch of Liberty and pundit Steve Forbes’ mantra: FREE TRADE – STABLE MONEY – LOW TAXES, Von Nothaus said.

Though the reverse calls each piece a Liberty Dollar with denominations of $2,000 for the gold and $25 for the silver, there is a disclaimer inscribed around the rim as well stating, “Free Speech for Political Purpose • Not To Be Used As Current Money.”

Trump Coin 2 Vert

Pieces come in various finishes, and prices depend on quantity ordered.

Under the values are the letters “MSRP,” which usually means “manufacturer’s suggested retail price.” The gold Trump Dollar struck with a proof-like finish measures 32mm and contains one troy ounce of .9999 fine gold. The silver Trump Dollar in brilliant uncirculated condition measures 39mm and contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

Proof-like gold pieces were unavailable, according to the Von Nothaus website April 12. The proof version was listed for $1,650 each, or for $1,500 each if purchased in quantities of 10.

The brilliant uncirculated silver piece was offered individually for $25 with lower prices for quantities. Lowest sale price is charged if a buyer wants 1,000 pieces. In that quantity, they were priced at $20.32 each.

Proof silver pieces were priced at $39.95 each. In quantities of 20, the price dropped to $35.25 each.

Check the website for current prices. Medals are available online only at The first two medal designs are still being offered for sale.

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