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Tesla honored by Serbian series

 The first in a planned series of Tesla coins features an alternating current electric motor.

The first in a planned series of Tesla coins features an alternating current electric motor.

Nikola Tesla, electrical engineer, physicist and inventor extraordinaire, is to be honored on a series of one-ounce .999 fine silver 100 dinara to be released by the National Bank of Serbia. Each coin in the series showcases one of Tesla’s inventions, patents and visionary concepts.

Three different coins are slated for 2018. The first “Tesla” in the series was issued on Sept. 10. It salutes his contribution toward utilizing alternating current and shows his prototype AC electric motor. The second scheduled for November commemorates his invention of remote control.

Mintages are currently set at 50,000 BU “business strikes” and 3,327 proofs. These may increase with later issues.

Tesla was one of the most notable inventors and visionaries of all time. He is credited wholly or in part with technologies that changed the world. These included the electric lighting grid, electric motors, remote control, hydroelectric power, turbine engines, magnetic propulsion, electromagnetic energy generation, x-rays, lasers, particle beams, solar power adaption, weather manipulation, robotics, wireless transmission, radio, television, cell phones and the Internet. Expect to see many of these on future coins.

In 1975, he was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame at Alexandria, Va.

A limited quantity of “Teslas” will be available certified and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with a special Tesla portrait label.

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