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Swedish Possesions at Kunker Auction 156

Swedish Possesion Collection - Kunker Auction 156

Revel Kunker.jpg

200 lots of Swedish Possession gold, silver and copper coins and medals are contained in the Fritz Rudolf Kunker Auktion 156 set for sale on June 25th in Osnabruck. This is one of four auction offerings this week from Kunker, all containing stellar collections of scarce and rare material, including German and Swiss coins, a great selection of world gold and German Colonial coinage, plus over 1000 lots of Russian coins and medals. Pictured above is an exceptional rarity being offered in Auktion 156, a 1664 Reichstaler of Reval issued under Karl XI. Not listed in Davenport, this piece is belived to be unique.

There may still be time to bid by phone or over the internet, but if not, I would suggest visiting the Kunker website and making plans to search their sales for future offerings.

The Swedish Possession collection, along with the catalogs for the German Colonial and World Gold, will all remain on my shelf for reference for a while, being good source material for research.

If your budget is lighter than auction quality material but you are interested in collecting coins of the Swedish Possessions, consider visiting the Rusty Pennies website for a selection of more common and moderately prices items.