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Perth’s mob of golden ’roos


Jennifer McKenna’s red kangaroo bounds effortlessly across the reverse of a 2017 Australian gold $100. (Image courtesy and © The Perth Mint)

Down Under “Mob” has long been the accepted collective noun to describe a group of kangaroos. As a descriptor, the word came into the numismatic lexicon when Australia’s public first encountered Stuart Devlin’s reverse design for the country’s 1984 dollar coin (KM-77). It is certainly the appropriate term to describe Perth Mint’s latest gold proof set.

The 2017 Kangaroo proof set consists of five .9999 fine gold coins: $5 (14.60 mm, 1.556 g), $15 (16.60 mm, 3.111 g), $25 (20.60 mm, 7.777 g), $50 (25.60 mm, 15,554 g) and $100 (32.60 mm, 31.112 g). Mintages are 500, 500, 1,000, 500 and 750, respectively.

A big red kangaroo, the work of Jennifer McKenna, bounds across all five reverses.

That same ’roo is also available on a $2 Mini Roo struck on an 11.60 mm, 0.5 g .9999 fine BU gold flan. It comes mounted in a colored bubble card. Mintage is unlimited.

If your friendly neighborhood coin dealer is unable to supply any of the Golden Mob, check out or write Perth Mint, 310 Hay St., East Perth, WA 6004.

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