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New pound resists faking

In March Britain’s 30-year-old round pound will be on the way out, its place taken by a new, secure, bimetallic dodecagonal (12-sided) pound.


On Nov. 1 the British Treasury launched a campaign to support retailers and other businesses in preparing for the historic changeover. Among other matters a new website went live providing materials to support these businesses in their preparation for the new coin.

The British Royal Mint considers its new pound coin the most secure coin of its kind in the world. The term “cutting edge” is mentioned in all media releases from Treasury and Mint alike. Certainly the upgrade is urgently needed given the 45 million counterfeit £1 coins currently in circulation.

New security features include micro-lettering and a hologram-like image below the queen’s neck that changes from a “£” symbol to a numbral “1” when the coin is seen from different angles.


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