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Mint output under one billion

November circulating coin production at the U.S. Mint fell to levels not seen since February.

The 976.04 million coin output total beat February’s 930.26 million, but not by much.

All other months of 2016 saw output well over 1 billion pieces, averaging almost 1.4 billion coins a month.

In the first 11 months of the year, the Mint’s two facilities churned out 15,320,730,000 coins between them.

Perhaps it was a quirk, but the Denver’s November dime output precisely matched its October figure of 90 million.

All other output numbers were significantly lower in November than in October.

As usual, cent output dominated the month. The 609.6 million coins were 62.46 percent of total output. The monthly average in 2016 is 57.28 percent.

No half dollars, Golden dollars or Presidential dollars were struck in November.

The Presidential series ended with the final three designs in 2016. The series began in 2007.


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