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Kangaroos lead 2018 Perth designs

 (Images courtesy and © The Perth Mint)

(Images courtesy and © The Perth Mint)

On Sept. 1, Australia’s Perth Mint announced the designs and denominations of its Australian Bullion Coin Program for 2018.

Each year, the Mint’s bullion coins feature different designs of the country’s Kangaroo (gold and silver), Kookaburra (silver), and Koala (silver). This year, for the first time, a platinum Kangaroo bullion piece is available.

First up is the Kangaroo .9999 fine gold. The coins are $15 (16.60 mm, 3.111 g [0.10 oz]), $25 (20.60 mm, 7.777 g [0.25 oz]), $50 (25.60 mm, 15.553 g [0.5 oz]), $100 (31.107 g [1 oz]), and $3,000 (75.60 mm, 1000.100 g [32.151 oz]). Mintages are 200,000, 150,000, 100,000, unlimited, and unlimited, respectively.

The reverse design of the $15-$100 coins is by Neil Hollis and depicts two kangaroos bounding across the Aussie outback. The reverse of the $3,000 shows Stuart Devlin’s classic Red Kangaroo backlit by a sunburst.

Perth’s first ever .9995 fine platinum bullion Kangaroo also features Stuart Devlin’s Big Red on the reverse – a $100 (32.60 mm, 31.119 g [1 oz]). It has an unlimited mintage.

And that same Big Red is available on a 40.60 mm, 31.107 g (1 oz) .9999 fine silver bullion $1. This is provided with micro-laser security engraving within the AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO heading. A loupe is needed to see it. Mintage is unlimited.

Neil Hollis is also responsible for the reverse design of this year’s .9999 fine silver Kookaburra bullion. It depicts the Dinkum Aussie bird in flight back-dropped by the cratered moon.

Three coins are involved: $1 (40.60 mm, 31.107 g [1 oz]), $10 (75.60 mm, 311.066 g [10 oz]) and $30 (100.60 mm, 1000.10 g [32.151]). Mintages are 500,000 of the $1 and unlimited of the other two denominations.

 (Images courtesy and © The Perth Mint)

(Images courtesy and © The Perth Mint)

The .9999 fine silver Koala comes as a $1 (40.60 mm, 31.107 g [1 oz]) and $30 (100.60 mm, 1000.10 g [32.151]). Mintages are 300,000 for the $1 and unlimited for the $30. The design is by Natasha Muhl and shows a Koala checking out the gum leaves on the branch of a eucalyptus tree.

The obverse of all the above coins shows Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Full details can be found at where they can be purchased at the mint’s online shop. Alternatively, write to Perth Mint, 310 Hay St, East Perth, WA 6004.

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