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How To Collect World Modern Circulating Coins

Collecting Modern World Circulating Coinage


In Wayne Homren's recent Esylum reviewed of our Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date 3rd edition, he wondered if any dealers supply modern circulating coinage:


"What a challenge it would be to assemble a collection of 21st century coinage using this catalog as a guide! I think one would have to be quite the world traveler or know several people who are. These modern coins are largely the pocket change of today, with little value to incent dealers to stock them.

Am I wrong? Is there a dealer or specialty organization that seeks out and distributes these coins to collectors?"

Here's my answer to Wayne question:

Well, there are a few dealers around who offer wide selections of many modern type coins. In the U.S. we have Lauren Benson, Inc., that offers individual minors and small to mid-sized sets of circulating coins. The company is run by Lauren's son, Richard Benson and they produce a monthly printed price list. Email them at

Many modern circulating coins of the world host animal designs. A good source of these types can be found at The Coin Lode, run by Al Beck. Check out his website at

Many European dealers offer modern issues and a few offer a broad selection well beyond the typical Euro coinage. A. Jorg Numismatikis one that produces a price list and hosts a website at Another would be Munzen-Schoenawa who produces price lists and can be reached by email at

Most coin dealers also offer circulating coins from their areas of specialty, so if you are looking for modern Islamic coins you might contact Steve Album or Joe Langthrough their website at

Some major wholesale dealers who trade in modern issues include Coin Invest Trust at and Mietens & Partner GmbHat Plus there are several smaller wholesalers that travel to larger shows like the ANA Convention, FUN show, CICF, NYINC, Baltimore and Long Beach shows. Some of these fellows are willing to sell direct to collectors or to connect you with a retailer they supply.

And of course, there are some very good trading networks for modern issues which have developed in the internet era. If you would like to connect with circulating coin collectors in other countries with an eye towards trading, try World Coin Tradersat