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DVD of 1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins

1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins DVD

Since I began writing this blog I have noticed that many people are searching for a free download of the Standard Catalog of Wolrd Coins. Well, I must tell you that nothing in this world is truely free and any "free" download of the SCWC that you might find is most certainly a pirated older version of the catalog. So what I can say with certainty is, just give it up and pay for the real deal!

There are three main ways you can get the information contained in the Standard Catalog of World Coins.


- You can go the old fashioned way and buy the book. Now-a-days we include a DVD version of the catalog in each book we revise, so you get a paper copy and an electronic copy in one tidy package.


- You can buy a stand alone DVD package of many of out titles for a bit less than the Book/DVD combo.


- You can search all data, except pricing information, for free at our website - and for a reasonable annual fee you can get the pricing information as well.

Here is an example. We recently released the 36th edition of the 1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins. You can buy the Book/DVD combination at our Krause Books website for $60.00. You can buy the stand alone DVD version at our magazine website for $44.95. Or, you can go out to NumisMaster and subscribe to all our data from 1601-Present for $79.95.

There are different benefits and features for each of these options, which line up with the different costs, but in each case you get the catalog in an electronic, searchable version. Nothing this useful is truely free in life, but the current SCWC is readily available in several forms, all with electronic features for use on your home computer or laptop. Pick the one which suits you best, pay for it, use it and enjoy coin collecting!