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Just what does the future hold? Will there be flying cars and hologram messaging? Will robots walk among us? We may never know in this lifetime, or even our great-great grandkids’ time, but that doesn’t stop people from dreaming up the future and what it may look like. Whether it’s a utopian society, something out of a horror movie, or something in between, we will forever be looking forward and wondering.

This new coin minted by CIT on behalf of Palau taps into the wonderment of the possibilities. The silver .999 2 oz coin shows a man pulling aside a curtain revealing the future: a robot, a suspension railway, a flying car, and more are shown.


CIT uses smartminting® technology to help create the illusion of a theater stage. A recessed side with an unusually high rim allows the owner of the coin to be immersed in the illusion. The man protrudes from the coin, pulling aside the curtain and showing the observer fantastical scene.