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Collecting World Coins, 13th edition, now available !

Is the Annual 20th century and 21 Century Standard Catalog of World Coins too big of a price tag for you?

Do they have too many NCLT issues which crowd out the "real" coin listings?

Than the 13th edition of our Collecting World Coins book is the book for you!

It incorporates the listings from 1901 - 2010 and only include circulating world coins - the everyday honest to goodness, out there in change coins used and seen by the public!

The list price is $44.99, however if you check out our website, then there may be a special offer available.

The 13th edition comes in at 1056 pages, and is printed on nice white stock paper - The images really reproduce well, and the prices have been completely updated to reflect the rise in gold and silver prices.