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Bull shark on latest Tuvalu silver dollar

Australia Bull Shark

The reverse of Tuvalu’s latest Deadly & Dangerous Australian silver dollar. (Image courtesy Downies)

In early April Downies released Tuvalu’s latest silver dollar in the highly popular Deadly & Dangerous Australians series. The 40.60 mm, 1 oz .9999 fine silver, proof celebrates the Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas).

Bull Sharks are not confined to Australia. They are widespread in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Populations occur in major rivers with more than 500 thought to be resident in the Brisbane River.

Great numbers occur in the canals of the Gold Coast and at least one was seen swimming in Brisbane’s flooded streets during the 2010-11 Queensland floods. At the 14th tee of Brisbane’s Carbrook Golf Club several provide an extra special water hazard in the course lake.

Bull Sharks have been seen up the Mississippi River as far as Alton, Ill. They are not uncommon in the Potomac and many were spotted in Lake Pontchartrain after Hurricane Katrina.

Like all sharks, the Bull is an opportunistic feeder. It will munch its way through fish, turtles, birds, dolphins, crabs, sea urchins, stingrays and any terrestrial mammal it comes across. They typically bump-and-bite, chomping-down on their prey until it is unable to flee.

It is suspected that Bulls could be responsible for the majority of near-shore shark attacks on people including bites attributed to other shark species.

Those wanting their own mini-Jaws in silver can check out Most recent D&D silver dollars have been rapid fire sellouts. This is unlikely to be an exception. Mintage is 5,000.

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