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British Ionian Islands Proof 2 Oboli

Classic British Ionian Islands Proof at Heritage

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This afternoon Heritage World Coin Auctions will offer a classic rarity of Bitish Commonwealth coin collecting, a beautiful PR-64 example of the Ionian Island 2 Oboli copper coin of 1819. There are both medal and coin rotation examples known of this proof type, with the coin strike being a bit more often encountered. This piece is a coin rotation, but it is one of the most beautifully preserved proofs I have seen, from one the scarcest areas of the British Commonwealth series.

The opening bid is set at $3,750, well above current printed Standard Catalog of World Coin value, but keep in mind that the 19th Century edition is three years old already and the proof values listed in the SCWC are for basic PR-60 examples. Check out the online NumisMaster current values and you'll see that this one year type has experienced some serious improvement.

Time and grade will have noted effect on any coins value and of course the market will always finds it's own way. The SCWC series is exceptionally useful, no doubt, but you may find that an electronic online base of knowledge, as offered by NumisMaster, is better suited to remaining current.