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Sturdy U.S Coin Auction From Stack's

Franklinton Collection Offers Solid U.S. Selection

Our second auction takes place tonight in Orlando and is presented by Stack's. The Franklinton Collection Part 2 contains a vast selection of quality U.S. coins with items suitable for both mainstream U.S. coin collectors as well as higher level specialists.

In looking through this catalog I noticed good runs of large cents and quarters. Three 1796 quarters are offered here, with two being lower grade and one in MS-64. The half dollars and dollars offered are also extensive, so collectors should take notice. A vast selection of various denominations of U.S. gold makes up the middle of this auction, with many high grade pieces up for sale. Highlights in the gold include a Flowing Hair Stella and an AU-58 1796 Eagle which should cause a stir of activity.

A nice group of Territorial Gold pieces rounds out the sale and there is where I noticed my first lot of special interest. Lot 1160 is an original gold Horseman. The Baldwin & Co. California Gold Ten Dollars of 1850 is not often seen for sale and it's cowboy design is always in demand. This example is graded choice Extremely Fine-45. I would anticipate spirited bidding.

On a side note, I have been noticing many of the modern restrikes of various California Territorial Gold issues in public auctions of late. This sale is no different, offering a Baldwin & Co. Horseman restike and a Kellog $50 restrike. When time permits, George Cuhaj and I hope to write these restrikes up for inclusion in our Unusual World Coin listings.

This sale is wrapped up with a nice array of U.S. pattern coinage and a good selection of classic commemorative types in both silver and gold.

One more pairing well work special mention are lots 88 and 502. Lot 88 contains a prime example of the Haseltine restike of the 1861 Confederate Cent. This is one of the 55 piece copper stiking done after Haseltine acquired the orginial dies. Lot 502 in this sale offers the second half of the equation, the Scott restike of the 1861 Confederate Half Dollar. Scott used planed down 1861-O halves as planchets and struck the CSA die onto the planned filed, leaving the seated liberty a bit flattened. 500 pieces were struck, but this MS-64 represents one of the finest available.