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E. Scott Coins Launches Sales Site, Imaging Technology


E. Scott Coins has joined the e-commerce sphere with a new, boutique-style numismatic website,, with customer service and accurate imaging at the forefront of its operations.

“As everyone knows, internet shopping has steadily become more and more popular over the past decades,” said E.J. Scott, site founder and co-owner. “The COVID pandemic accelerated this paradigm exponentially and to levels that’ll likely remain through generations to come, if not forever. Most consumers agree that two major downfalls to internet shopping are poor or no customer service (human availability or interaction) and inaccurate – often grossly inaccurate – representation of merchandise. In the world of electronic numismatic marketing, is remedying both these fundamental issues.

“There are three basic aspects we highly focus on. The first is providing the deserved respect of person-to-person human interaction with our clientele. The second is superb, industry-leading, accurate visual representation of every item listed. The third is a 100 percent, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. It’s our interpersonal commitment to earn and maintain 100 percent customer satisfaction.”

In an effort to best serve the collector, Scott has spent the last two years developing and refining imaging technology to more closely represent “as-in-hand” features of the numismatic products the company sells. Accurate View Video™ was set to debut May 1.

“It’ll take time to post Accurate View Video™ imagery on all our listings,” explained Scott. “However ... every listing on our site that doesn’t display an Accurate View Video™ will display a ‘Request Accurate View Video™’ button. When our members click this button, a request will be sent directly to us and we’ll generate and publish an Accurate View Video™ of the item on the listing for them.”

For a limited time, will provide a free coin and an Accurate View Video™ of the coin for an “in your hand” proof of accuracy of the Accurate View Video™ to its members. Details can be found on the site.

An auction platform is also planned for the new site, consolidating direct sales and auction functions to one online location. Accurate View Video™ will be available for many of the auction lots.

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