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After Delay, Morgans Return to Market

(Image courtesy United States Mint.)

(Image courtesy United States Mint.)

After postponement of sales of the 2021 silver Morgan and Peace dollar products due to technical difficulties on the U.S. Mint’s website, the next round of sales is almost upon us.

During initial May sales of the silver Morgan dollars with Carson City and New Orleans privy marks, technical issues on the Mint’s website caused by a deluge of web traffic prevented a large majority of collectors from purchasing the products. In response, the Mint delayed sales of the remaining products in order to address the website issues.

On Aug. 3, these technical improvements will be put to the test as collectors ascend on the website to pre-order 2021 Morgan silver dollars with “D” and “S” mintmarks.

Priced at $83 per coin, the dollars each carry a household purchase limit of three.

With mintages capped at 175,000 for each of the mintmark options, a quick sellout is expected.