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Where coins went not always known

  Where did some of the best U.S. coins ever made go? We have in many cases mintage totals, but in many of those cases totals seem to suggest that more coins of many dates and types should be available … Continue reading

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Mystery is key to 1895-O Morgan

The 1895-O is a Morgan dollar with a great story and a few mysteries. The 1895-O, basically alone among Morgan dollars, did not manage to find its way into the Treasury bags paid out in the 1960s, thus it never had any added numbers in Mint State to help supplies. Continue reading

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Money flows into Morgan silver dollars

The past month the coin market has been dominated by precious metals, especially silver with a near parabolic rise to just under $50 followed by a 30 percent correction. Much of this was speculation as the silver to gold ratio went from 40 to 1 down to 30 to 1. I suspect before this bull goes to slaughter we will again see this type of action. Continue reading

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