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Dedicated Email Broadcasts

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Dedicated Email Broadcasts (DEBs)

Click for DEB specsWith a Dedicated Email Broadcast (DEB) you basically “rent” our e-mail list that we have spent years investing in and developing to send your exclusive email message (with live links) to our 50,000+ e-newsletter subscribers! This very active, highly-targeted audience not only elected to receive our e-newsletter, but also any hobby-related news and information—including your marketing message.

DEB rates:

1-2x per year:

$40 per 1,000*

3-5x per year:

$35 per 1,000*

6x+ per year:

$25 per 1,000*

Benefits of DEB advertising:

100% of the message content is about YOU and your product! Though placed in the Numismatic Update template, YOU control what products/services you want to promote and what page(s) of your website you want to link to.
Reach online readers by “pushing” your ad message to them! Like e-newsletter ads, DEBs allow you to get your website noticed by potential customers who might not have found you otherwise. DEBs also make an excellent online compliment to an existing print ad campaign by reinforcing your marketing message to a targeted, online-savvy audience.
Design it yourself (click here for specs) OR, have us create one for you.**

*Minimum purchase of 10,000 list recipients per broadcast required.
**Design charges apply.


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