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Tariffs Applied to Some Chinese Collectibles

In a press release by Paper Money Guaranty, we have learned that on Sept. 1, the 15% tariff for varieties of Chinese-made items imported into the United States, went into effect. Also, among the items under this tariff are certain Chinese collectibles.

While imports into the United States are classified according to the Harmonized Tariff Code Schedule (HTS), numismatic items are imported under the HTS subheading 9705, which was included on the list of Chinese-made items subject to a 15% tariff on Sept. 1.

Paper Money Guaranty encourage collectors and dealers outside the U.S. who ship Chinese collectibles directly to NGC, NCS, and PMG to consult a customs specialist to determine whether any tariff would apply to that particular shipment.

Chinese collectibles shipped on a Temporary Import Bond, however, are not subject to the tariffs because the items must leave the U.S. again.

For more info about submitting to NGC, NCS, and PMG, click here.

To read the full press release by PMG, click here.