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Mint Stats: Snooze fest only term for this week’s sales

What do you make of a week when the most exciting sales number at the U.S. Mint is the 3,698 additional 2016 uncirculated coin sets that were sold? Dull, right? Nevertheless, there simply was not much excitement.

The silver proof Lions commemorative silver dollar moved ahead by 3,446 to reach 37,974. The uncirculated version went up by 874 to bring the running tally to 10,921.

I almost brought the gold Mercury dime listing back because its sold out number changed by three coins to 1124,886.

You would think with online bullion writers pushing readers hard to buy gold and silver that excitement would be in Eagle sales. You would be wrong. Gold bullion Eagles are dragging. The one-ounce coin has reached 15,500 by the middle of the month compared to January’s full-month total of 86,500. Silver Eagles have just moved past the 10 percent mark compared to January.


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