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Silver Eagle sees 47 million sold in 2015

The final sales total for the American Eagle silver one-ounce bullion coin is in. As of Dec. 16, the United States Mint reports Authorized Purchasers ordered 47 million coins in 2015, setting a new record. The first new record was set on Nov. 30, meaning the 2,333,500 silver Eagles sold in December only further cemented 2015’s record status.

The 2015 sales figure easily surpasses the previous record year, 2014, which saw 44,006,000 coins purchased. Both years’ sales were helped by a falling silver price and strong demand by bullion investors.

As for other bullion sales, just the gold Buffalo has seen any movement with 1,000 coins purchased between Dec. 9 and Dec. 16. The bullion coin currently stands at 220,500 sold throughout 2015.

The Bombay Hook America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver uncirculated collector’s coin is nearing its sellout point. With 17,035 coins sold by Dec. 13, it’s nearing the totals of the sold out Blue Ridge Parkway and Saratoga coins.

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