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Silver Eagle sales rise in May

Authorized Purchasers’ orders of silver American Eagles rose during the month of May, topping sales totals for March and April. May’s purchases amounted to 4,498,500 silver Eagles, easily besting March’s 4,106,000 and April’s 4,072,000, but falling short of topping February’s 4,782,000.

The 2015 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency Set is unavailable on the Mint website. This comes shortly after the Mint announced the 2016 set’s release date of June 16. Collectors purchased 88,284 sets as of May 30.

The Nixon First Spouse Medal and Dollar Coin Set briefly went back on sale after becoming unavailable May 15. Between then and May 24, an additional 50 sets were sold for a total of 4,874 sets. The set was unavailable again by May 30.

Orders for the 2016-W gold Mercury dime continue to fall, with 1,520 coins returned May 22 to May 30. Total sold now stands at 116,175.

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