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Sales start strong for Puerto Rico quarter

Just look at the total for the first sales report for Puerto Rican quarters. Already the number of 1,000-coin bags exceeds what was sold for the District of Columbia quarter.

Word of the relative scarcity of the Puerto Rican quarters must have gotten around to buyers of this material.


The Philadelphia 1,000-coin bag sales of 1,047 is almost 400 more than the 653 bags for the D.C. quarter. For Denver, the numbers are 953 and 704, respectively.

Strong demand for the two-roll Puerto Rican set is also indicated by the current sales number, which already is at roughly half the total number of D.C. quarters sold during the entire sales period. Only for the 100-coin rolls does demand seem to be routine.

The William Henry Harrison P-roll total has been adjusted down to 30,000, so the Mint might have had buyers for many more rolls than it could supply. Last week’s number was 36,429.

The two-roll Birthplace Lincoln set total has also been adjusted lower to an even 96,000, which is down from 97,149 originally reported.

First Spouse sales for those designs still available just mosey along. If buyers can’t sell immediately on eBay, two-thirds of sales just go away – not a good sign for future years.