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Mint Statistics: Sales Experiencing Early Summer Doldrums

We are in the midst of an unseasonable heat wave here in the Midwest offices of Numismatic News. It seems that Mint sales, too, are experiencing early summer doldrums.

There are no new product additions this week, and the latest sales numbers are really nothing to write home about.


That is, unless you are interested in the backward movement of the Mint’s figures. Record-keepers must have spent the last week in an adjustment period because there is a sizable number of items whose totals came down from last week. For example, all of the National Law Enforcement Museum coins except the proof gold $5 coin saw their totals decrease.

While the sold-out status of the 2021 Morgan silver dollars with “CC” and “O” privy marks is certain, we see their totals come down slightly by 47 and 43 units, respectively, this week.

The 2021 clad and silver proof sets both had respectable gains of 5,137 for the clad and 2,923 for the silver.

In the bullion department, the only movement is seen in the gold Buffalo coin for the month of June. It jumped from a total of 1,000 last week to 7,000 this week, bringing its year-to-date total to 173,000.