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Purple Heart Commems See Adjustments

September has been a quiet month for the Mint. There have been no new releases since our last Mint Stats report and, in fact, there are just two products scheduled to be issued in the month: the U.S. Coast Guard 1-ounce silver medal on Sept. 26 and the palladium American Eagle 1-ounce reverse proof coin on Sept. 29.


Of note in this latest Mint report, which runs through Sept. 18, is a run of considerable decreases in sales totals for all of the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor commemorative coins. The gold proof $5 went down by 50, the gold uncirculated $5 went down by 44, the proof silver dollar by 2,203, uncirculated silver dollar by 443, proof clad half dollar by 789, uncirculated clad half by 572, the three-coin set by 179 and the silver colorized dollar by 923.

Top performers this round are led by the 2022 clad proof set, whose increase of 13,236 puts it head and shoulders above the rest. Next is the 2022 silver proof set with an increase of 4,907, followed by the 2022 uncirculated set that increased by 6,589.

Bullion also posted some decent gains for the month with the gold Buffalo coming up by 27,000 and the 1-ounce gold American Eagle increasing by 27,500. The silver Eagle jumped a whopping 398,000.