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Not-So-Slow Summer for Coins?


The business and the hobby of coins continues its bull run, even as the economy tries to shake off its recent downward trend. A recent online headline reading, “Bitcoin rally-coins to buy for the next crypto bull run” nicely illustrates that crypto currencies are not stable or reliable as an alternative to coins and bank notes as a currency. Proponents of a cashless society need to look even further than the lack of privacy issue crypto coins present. This headline spells it out.

As this commentary is being written, gold and silver are not only stable but are rising modestly. This, of course, suggests bullion and intrinsically impacted coins once more have become an attractive alternative to equities.

The market for collectible coins remains extremely active even as we approach the traditional summer slowdown period, with not only generally available coins selling nicely, but so are recently issued U.S. Mint made-for-collector products. This non-circulating legal tender coin market sector, which includes mint sets, proof sets, commemorative coins and medals has in the past remained relatively unchanged. Not so in this bull coin market.

Coins that fall into the scarce to rare category continue to make most of the headlines, which in turn helps grab the interest of the non-collecting public. Occasional headlines announcing someone finding something of significant value in their pocket change doesn’t hurt either.

The so-called summer slowdown is at hand, but the amount of slowdown this year may be significantly less than it has been in the recent past. There may be lots of coins being made available, but there are lots of eager buyers out there as well.