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Mint Stats: It’s official: July silver sales stink

Just when you think summertime sales can’t get any drowsier, they do. The Mint closed out the month of July with just 25,000 more one-ounce silver bullion American Eagles sold, making July the month of lowest sales by far in 2016. With 1,370,000 million taken by Authorized Purchasers, July results were just 23 percent of the year’s top sales month.

That, of course, was January, when buyers snapped up 5,954,500. Gold sales were a bit less sluggish. At 38,500, the Mint sold 500 ounces of gold more in July than in March.
July was the first month of platinum bullion sales. A total of 19,000 was recorded. This compares to 16,900 sold in all of 2014, the most recent previous year where sales occurred. Platinum one-ounce proof sales numbers went backwards by 2 coins to 9,285.

The 10,000 coins available sold out in less than an hour originally. Gold Mercury dime numbers also declined, this time by 10 coins, to 116,100 sold. A factory seconds offer for these is likely to come before the year concludes.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.
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