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Mint Stats: Gold bullion coins stay in the spotlight

October gold bullion coin demand was very strong. The front page story lays out the particulars for the one-ounce Eagle, but the monthly chart below spells out the sales figures for the tenth-, quarter- and half-ounce sizes as well. Total sales for all sizes so far in 2016 appear on the opposite page.

Silver Eagle demand is by no means weak, but the 3,825,000 October number is only the sixth highest sales month of the year. In other words, it is nothing to write home about save as another sign of recovery from the low sales months of July-September.

As November began, buyers took another 220,000 silver Eagles and 8,000 one-ounce gold Eagle bullion coins.

The Reagan Coin & Chronicles set moved up by another 4,124 to reach 32,207. Maximum mintage is 150,000.

Creeping ahead by 11,558 was the 2016 proof silver American Eagle. Total sold so far is 435,847 pieces. The gold Standing Liberty rose by 383 to 79,395.


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