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Mint Statistics: Will you be a buyer of proof Buffalo?

Whether you buy it or not, you have to agree that the one-ounce proof Buffalo gold coin is a beauty. The 2018-W went on sale, and the first results are in. Buyers snapped up 6,238 of them. This compares to 15,810 sold of the 2017-W coin. Is that strong, weak or in the middle? I will have to call it on the weak side – just. I blame the dropping price of gold when the coin went on sale. Nobody likes to buy gold in a falling market. Will we see evidence of returns in next week’s number, or will the initial wave of interest be large enough to carry the total still higher? We’ll see. In the meantime, we can say that the current number equals almost 40 percent of the final 2017 number. That means there is a chance that the 2018 final number can equal it. If next week’s number passes 10,000, that would help assure this.

No bullion Buffalo coins were sold this week and only 500 of the one-ounce gold Eagles.


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