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Mint Statistics: Weather more interesting than numbers

There were more thunderstorms moving through Iola, Wis., this week than certain coins sold by the United States Mint. While it is rather slow, there are a few sales figures that are worthy of attention.

Bullion Eagle sales are crawling. Just 1,000 one-ounce gold Eagles went out the door. For silver Eagles, an additional 205,000 were vended, but the total at almost the June midpoint is just 434,000. Sales are going to have to pick up if June isn’t to go into the records as the weakest month of 2017 so far.

Proof silver Eagles plodded ahead by 5,643 to 271,606. Uncirculated gold Eagles inched along by 249 to 2,080.

Clad proof set buyers were a little more active. They took 15,540 to bring the total to 276,549. The 2017 silver proof set goes on the board with 174,724 sold, a bit more than 100,000 behind the clad set.

The uncirculated coin set number rose by 10,360 to reach 157,881.


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