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Mint Statistics: Single coin ‘set’ puzzlingly unavailable

Remember the 2018 Congratulations Set? You can be forgiven for not being able to. I had to refresh my memory. This week, the sales number dropped by 501 to 19,252. I wondered why.

First off, the set is really just one coin, the 2018-W proof silver American Eagle. It is priced $1 more than the Eagle bought as an Eagle. This, I presume, pays for the special folder card that wraps around it. Naturally, it says “Congratulations!” in big letters on the cover.

The Mint website says it is currently unavailable. It also says there is no mintage limit.

It is July. Since we are calling one coin a set with this product, perhaps unlimited mintage actually means limited mintage since it is not available.

After you ponder the foregoing, note that the Mint has sold 240,000 regular silver Eagle bullion coins since last week. The July total now stands at 315,000 pieces. So far this year, 7,137,500 have been sold.


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