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Mint Statistics: Silver Bullion makes a small leap

After a small drought in silver bullion sales, a moderate increase from last week has silver bullion one ounce Eagles at 726,000, up from last week’s total of 160,000. Bullion gold Buffalos increased year to date by another 3,000, while gold American Eagle one ounce bullion coins grew by 2,000. The tenth ounce gold American Eagle increased by 5,000 since last week, now at 140,000.

With an early sellout on the 2019 Lowell National Park America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver coin, it’s not surprising that the 5-ounce coin for the American memorial park is reporting at 78,000 since it was released on April 4. The next scheduled 5-ounce silver coin will be War in the Pacific Historical Park on June 6.

New to this week’s report is the 2019 uncirculated coin set, reporting in at 161,598. This product was first available on May 14. Lifetime sales of the 2018 set are 248,769, with 2017 at 286,813. Another 2019 set still continuing to grow is the 10-coin clad proof set at 308,886. The Mint must have done some reconciling of sales numbers this week, as there was a decrease of 4,719 on its 10-coin silver proof set, bringing that total down to 233,403.


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