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Mint Statistics: Proof sets keep holiday spotlight

Just how deeply into Mint offerings do holiday gift buyers dig? The question occurred to me as I posted the latest proof set numbers. Buyers grabbed 16,370 more clad 2018 sets and 7,815 silver sets. The uncirculated coin set sales total rose by 5,760.

Sets like these are traditional. The proof set sees an annual sales increase during the holidays. But then there are coins like the tenth-ounce gold American Liberty $10. Sales rose by just 151 this week. Sure it is $205, but this coin could easily be a holiday gift. It isn’t. It has a maximum mintage of 135,000. Buyers have taken 24,739. From this number, we can see that sales have lagged all year.

How about the George Washington one-ounce silver medal? Sales increased by 634 this week. This indicates no great rush to purchase. The 15,180 cumulative total indicates this is a hidden gem at the Mint. A coin would have 10 times the demand.


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