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Mint Statistics: Platinum surprise winner in bullion race

If you had to choose which bullion American Eagle coins, gold, silver or platinum, were having the best year compared to 2017, which would you choose? How about platinum? Though none has been sold in June, the 2018 sales total of 30,000 is 50 percent higher than the 20,000 number of platinum Eagles sold in 2017. In case you are curious, in 2016 the Mint also sold 20,000. In 2015, sales were zero.

How does this compare to silver? The silver American Eagles stand at 6,822,500. This is down 44 percent from the first six months of 2017.

Gold is not doing much better. The one-ounce gold American Eagle stands at 82,500, down 42 percent from the first half of last year when 142,000 were sold.

That makes platinum the 2018 star. Hard to believe? Perhaps, but it is true.

Among collector coins, 2018 proof sets continue to be the focus of buyers. Clad is outrunning the silver version.


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