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Mint Statistics: Not the dog days but May acts like it

My calendar says May, but activity at the U.S. Mint feels more like August’s dog days of summer. Look at bullion. Just 50,000 silver American Eagles have been sold so far in the month. With such a small number, you would think the coin was a commemorative. Gold ounces went on the board at 1,500, and the tenth-ounce started out at 5,000 pieces, but that ties the April number already. The fact that I mention it shows how hard I have to work to find something worthy of your attention.

World War I coin and medals sets continue to decline. You knew they would, right? We need a limbo rock commemorative to see how low they can go; perhaps a coin for Chubby Checker, too.

The 2018 silver proof set advanced by 6,107 to 167,625. The clad proof set added 3,570 to reach 218,176.

Some collectors are eagerly awaiting the 2018-S silver proof Eagle. It is due this summer, but the date is not yet set.


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