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Mint Statistics: Interest in bullion coins rises in May

Silver American Eagles were putting in a respectable showing as the month of May was coming to an end. Sales stand at 2,455,000. This figure beats sales for every month this year except January. But it is still not a strong number. It ranks so highly because February, March and April were so weak.

Gold Eagle sales numbers recovered in May as well, but the total ounces sold outpaces only the month of April.

The newly available uncirculated coin set sales number is 143,413. This is roughly half the sales recorded for the 2016 set so far. The question is whether lack of Presidential dollars this year will depress interest in this basic collector set. We’ll see.

Sales of the 2017-W American Liberty $100 continue to disappoint at 22,101. However, buyers will always be able to say it is made of gold. Bullion has a way of supporting values over the years even if collector interest in a specific design fades.


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