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Mint Statistics: Gold Eagle buyers step up their game

The latest results we can boil down to American Eagle bullion coins and 2018 silver and clad proof sets. The rest of the Mint’s offerings show so little movement that you can easily ignore them.

Gold Eagles began July fairly strongly with 6,500 one-ounce coins taken up by the Authorized Purchaser network. June results of 21,500 were greater than May’s, and May’s figure of 18,500 was greater than April’s 4,000. Can we add another monthly increase to the trend? July’s first few days indicate we can. In terms of total ounces sold among all four gold Eagle sizes, the numbers are April, 4,500; May, 24,000; June, 24,500 and July, 7,000.

World War I silver dollar and medal sets are the opposite of strong. There are continuing declines recorded by each and every one of the five sets.

It isn’t long before the silver reverse proof set and the “S” mint proof silver Eagle will add zing to sales results.


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