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Mint Statistics: Bullion coin buyers take their time

Bullion coin sales began the month of September very slowly. With bullion moving higher, it is a puzzle as to the reason. Just 25,000 silver American Eagles were sold and 2,000 one-ounce gold Eagles. No gold Buffaloes were vended or fractional gold Eagles. Last week’s report on a nearly complete month of August turned out to be the full bullion coin story. No additional bullion coins were sold.

Ellis Island quarters number appear in the chart below for the first time. Because of the Mint’s subscription program, sales began strongly.

Gold Standing Liberty quarters passed the round number of 90,000. The exact figure is 90,024, up 44 coins from last week. Mintage is 100,000. The gold Walking Liberty half dollar moved ahead by 40 coins to 64,195 out of a possible 70,000.

Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set sales have begun to rise again. They stand at 189,816. See story here.


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